Nicholas Monterotti

Nicholas Monterotti

Our friend Nicholas Monterotti took a few minutes to sit down with us. He is the dapper guy behind the new Chicago menswear brand, Peter Field Co. If you are in Chicago stop by and say hello.

TDS: How did you get started with Peter Field for guys?

Nicholas: I started Peter Field in 2010 as a home business and originally focused on selling custom ties to wedding parties. On day one I barely knew anything about sewing or designing and it was a long 2 year struggle before I gained really traction for the business through a Kickstarter project in 2012. I was able to raise enough pre-selling ties in order to purchase industrial sewing machines and move into an office in downtown Chicago. Since then we have grown to a 9 person team and have been able to build one of the top alteration/tailor shops in Chicago. 

TDS: What is coming next for the brand?

Nicholas: We’re looking at a very exciting year ahead of us. Currently our team is designing a duffle bag, laptop cases, and socks. We’re set to launch a line of really awesome microfiber pocket squares that function to clean glass. And our largest and most anticipated products will be a custom dress shirt and custom pants which we’ll launch by the end of the summer/fall; these will take a lot of ramping up though and we plan to launch them on Kickstarter in peter field co logoorder to raise the funding necessary. We’re working on a lot of collaborations in Chicago right now, both with designers and small business organizations; having on impact on Chicago is a core piece of why we do what we do.

TDS: What is your personal wardrobe style?

Nicholas: I prefer clean and simple, quality over quantity. I like to wear fewer layers than a lot of what we are seeing in men’s fashion, and I can usually be seen pulling off brown and black in the same look. Leading Peter Field has allowed me to design the products we offer, and I would say that about 90% of our products that I design are essentially designed for me; I’ve been pretty lucky that most guys like my taste.

TDS: What is the most important thing guys can do to upgrade their style?

Nicholas: Getting your clothes altered/tailored is what I recommend to every guy I meet. Have your dress shirts and pants taken in for a slimmer fit. Get your pants hemmed at the right length. And have the sleeves on your jackets brought to the correct length so that you can show off the right amount of cuff. With alterations you can make a $100 suit look like an $800 suit.

Past that, invest in a couple pairs of nice shoes and then take care of them. You could have on the greatest outfit you’ve ever worn, but an ugly pair of shoes will destroy that.

TDS: Tell us something about what or where you like to eat or drink (brew,cocktails, small bites).

Nicholas: Going out for dinner or drinks at the end of the day with friends is one of my favorite things. It’s human nature to bond over a meal… plus a couple drinks will always help bring out the best stories. 

My go to beers in Chicago are brewed at Piece in Wicker Park, their thin crust pizza is also some of my favorite so it’s a place I bring most people who visit. Wicker Park houses all my favorite places: Big Star for tacos and margaritas with outdoor seating, and sitting at the bar at The Violet Hour to watch their mixologists at work.