nicholas peter field coAfter a successful Kickstarter campaign and launching his new brand Peter Field Co., CEO Nicholas Monterotti has been on the move. After our interview with him we asked him the 5 things he has to travel with.

  • My iPhone for music and taking notes. I use Evernote on my phone for getting my ideas down as quickly as possible and then I have access on my other devices later.
  • An overnight or duffle bag. I absolutely hate roller bags, they are a pain if I’m taking a business trip.
  • The most recent copy of Inc. Magazine. It always get’s my mind going and there are typically articles about manufacturing or retail business that inspire my creativity.
  • A small umbrella. I seem to always get stuck in the rain while I’m traveling.
  • One of my Moleskin notebooks and a pen. I never know when an idea will spark.