american craft beer week flagIt’s National Craft Beer Week! Easily the best reason to celebrate. Local craft beer has grown at a staggering rate making craft brew more popular than wine. It also follows the trend to support local small business and products.

You can follow our Dapper Brew series which highlights local craft breweries around the country. We challenge you to send back the national brand beer and try a craft brew. If you are just getting started on your craft brew journey we have 2 suggestions.

First, download the Untappd app to record your journey. If you check in a craft brew this week you will get the official badge. Join the growing community of craft beer fans and enjoy the summer. You can use the app to find bars that have the beer you’re looking for.

Second, jump over to and use their Style Finder. Find out if you are hoppy, stout, nutty or sour. (None of those are bad things btw.) Not everyone should start with a double hop so make sure you find your style.

Hit us up @TheDapperStyle #DapperBrew and let us know your top local craft brewery. We will retweet #SupportLocal.