rob arnold firestone and robertson

Rob Arnold
Master Distiller
Firestone & Robertson

Marko and I had the chance to visit Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co. in Ft. Worth. Master Distiller Rob Arnold took time to walk through their process. I have to say that we were more than impressed. We both enjoy a good bourbon but it was extremely cool to get to learn the process from the guy that makes it happen.

We had the chance to taste both their TX Blended Whiskey and their upcoming Straight Bourbon which both follow our Support Local project. TX Whiskey is available now to residents of Texas. It won 2013 Best American Craft Whiskey. The local tie to the bottle is that every bottle cap is unique inserted with a local piece of  leather. Some of the leather comes from the Justin Boot factory just down the street.

The highlight of our year was learning about Bourbon from Rob. We have a new appreciation for the liquor that we love. Their Bourbon should be available by early 2015 or when Master Rob knows that the taste is right. We had a chance to taste one of the original batches from the barrel and it was honestly the best liquor that either one of us have ever tasted. Even the “white dog” or moonshine stage (before it goes to the barrel) tastes amazing. Every ingredient in their Bourbon is Texas local from the corn and the wheat to their exclusive yeast from Texas pecans. They use American new charred oak barrels to give it flavor. We didn’t get to see the new bottles but we do know they will also have the unique leather caps.

If you are in Texas or know someone there… grab a bottle of TX Whiskey and start your bottle cap collection. Like them on Facebook to be one of the first to know when you can run to get your first bottle of F&R Bourbon.

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