Dan Mou Men's Backstage

Dan Mou
Men’s Backstage

We discovered a new boutique shop online that fits this week’s theme of Prints and Plaids. We had a chance to talk with the man behind Men’s Backstage, Dan Mou. Visit the  shop to find trending tops for dapper guys.

How did you get started with Mens Backstage for guys?

I am one of the many people who are tired of chain stores and fast fashion. The fact that there are many emerging domestic and international brands out there offering exceptional quality and outstanding design, I decide to create an online boutique to bring these brands together and let our modern man shop the collection exclusively at our store.

What makes Men’sBackstage unique?

‘Backstage’ is where creativity is born. Whether it’s fashion or other art forms, we decided to open the door, look behind the scene and show how design is executed. Men’s Backstage also has a mission to connect men’s fashion with art mediums. Seasonally we collaborate with artists and create a special art project together. We recently collaborated with East Coast Islands and released a music video for our summer campaign, should definitely check it out. 

What is the most important thing guys can do to upgrade their style?

Push your boundaries. Most guys are under a stereotype of locking themselves in a certain style or looking a certain way. Your style should truly represent who you are. In our most recent campaign, the artists we collaborated with were surprised how skinny jeans and fitted pants flatter their figures. For starters, consider to add a new color you don’t find in your closet, try a pair pants that fits differently and explore a new brand at Men’s Backstage.

men's backstage logoWhat is your personal wardrobe style?

My style is always about blending in but standing out. People point out my style not because I dress exceptionally unique, but there is always a twist plotted in a subtle way. It ultimately comes down to my shopping. I always purchase something that is wearable contemporary. Therefore, when I combine classic and contemporary together, not only do I not create distances between people, I also bring conversations. That’s how an impression is made. 

Tell us something about what or where you like to eat or drink.

I am a big fan of speakeasies. They sit very well with my style. People who don’t pay attention are going to walk right pass it; people who know about it understand there’s another scene behind the hotdog counter.  

Thanks to Dan for taking the time to chat. We are looking forward to a lot more creativity to come from backstage.