dapper dad michael churchill and travis

Michael Churchill & Travis

Monthly style delivery is trending. You can send your Dad, husband or bro something that is perfect for him and it keeps on giving. We are featuring some specific favs using #DapperDad over the next couple weeks. This year’s Dapper Dad, Michael Churchill, is getting some dapper gifts from our sponsors this year.

Some of the menswear sites we have found:

  • Birchbox Men: skincare, shaving, hair and other men’s products delivered monthly.
  • Five Four Club: it’s like having a personal stylist visit once a month
  • Dollar Shave Club: a great shave for a few bucks a month (Michael gets delivered!)
  • Sock Panda: give your style some pop with monthly deliveries (Michael got some!)
  • Boxerfy: pop your style down under with monthly underwear deliveries
  • Friday Tieday: get a handcrafted tie delivered each month

You can also get snacks and drinks delivered:

  • Graze: nibble on some tasty snacks at the office
  • Naturebox: they claim to be wholesome but it is delivered
  • Caskers: discover new craft spirits in each delivery. This is for after work.
  • Craft Coffee: wake up to a new roast with your subscription

Other sites you can find online:

  • Trunk Club: handpicked, premium clothing for men. Think Stitch Fix with a fancier edge.
  • Urban Cargo: customized grooming products–including hair, shaving and skincare.
  • Mantry: or “the modern man’s pantry,” which is both awesome and hilarious. The site also has a recipes section to give guys tips on how to use the products they receive.
  • Curator and Mule: gear and accessories including, hats, wallets and sunglasses.
  • Bike Loot: this one’s not just for men (yay!) and includes any kind of cycling goodie and accessory you can think of. In addition to monthly deliveries, you can shop for “loot” on their site directly.
  • BroBox: kudos to the site for making me think of Barney Stinson’s Bro Code and for including a variety of man-approved products including personal care items, snacks and gear for your tech-geek. Would it be horrible for me to order one of these for myself just to see what’s inside?
some content originally posted on Stand By Your Man, February 20, 2014 on I Love, I Need blog.