men's backstage logoDan Mou is the creator of the unique online shop Men’s Backstage. When we talked with him we asked him about the 5 things he has to have when he is traveling.

  • Sunglasses – Not only a fashion statement, a nice pair of sunglasses also helps you to fall asleep on the plane and save your bad hair days
  • Digital & DSLR Camera – I started taking pictures since I was 13, capturing inspirations and memories is very important for me
  • Roller Duffle – As a smart traveler, I can pack my entire trip inside the overhead compartment. 
  • Black Dress Shoes – Whether casual or dressy style, this is always the right answer.
  • Extra pairs of undergarment – Be prepared, when expected situations occur(which happened to me way too often), at least you don’t have to flip your underwear inside out.