This year’s Dapper Dad is a friend of our Creative Director Alan Rust. Michael Churchill has been a top model and is now a proud father. His son, Travis, is one of the most handsome dapper little dudes we have seen.
michael churchill and sonTDS: Tell us about your son and what affect it has had on you.
Michael: My son is 8 months old already and he is crawling all over the house getting into everything . He is very silly like me and he makes me so happy every time he laughs and smiles. He loves the mickey mouse clubhouse hot dog song no matter what mood he is in once that song plays he instantly smiles and starts cracking up. Travis loves our dogs but pays more attention to our little one named Winnie, he will just let out big laughs every time she licks him or runs around the house. Having my son has changed my life in many ways. He has brought my wife and family closer together. When I look at him I see myself and wife in him and I am amazed that we created such an amazing lil guy and I am so thankful. I no longer live for myself I live to provide him with everything he needs to be happy and healthy. I look forward to each day with him and can’t wait to go on vacation this summer at the jersey shore and see him experience the beach at 1 years old.
TDS: We know you are a huge hockey fan, did you play any sports in the past?
Michael: I grew up playing baseball, soccer, and hockey. I was very good at all of them but I lost interest in baseball and soccer when I got into high school. In high school my town did not have a hockey team so I started wrestling. After high school I went to William Paterson University and they did not have a wrestling team but had hockey so I decided to try out. I made the ice hockey team and it was a great experience playing college hockey. I currently still play hockey once per week in a mens league because I am not ready to give it up.dapper dad michael churchill
TDS: When you were modeling back in the day, what was the best and strangest part of all that?
Michael: The best part about modeling was getting paid, traveling, and meeting new people. The strangest part of it all was developing a fan base and seeing people make comments about my photos online and reach out to me. I never thought that would happen.
TDS: What was the most cool experience you had when you were modeling?
Michael: I was flown out to south beach with my girlfriend who is now my wife. We stayed for a week at a beautiful hotel and I shot with some of the best photographers in the area. Some of my favorite pictures came from that trip and I really enjoyed the time spent there eating the great food and partying at the local bars. Best part is I went home with some extra money in my pocket lol. But those party days are far behind me now.
Happy Father’s Day to our Dapper Dad Michael Churchill, his son Travis and his wife Lindsey. See more about the Father’s Day gifts Michael received from The Dapper Style and our partners.
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