max wettstein

max wettstein

Our fitness friend Max Wettstein posted an instagram about Saint Archer Brewing Co that caught our eye. The packaging is clean and fresh plus we trust anything he says. As we dug deeper, we found out that this San Diego brew house it is an excellent match for Max and California.

Saint Archer Brewing Company was founded on a unique strain of creative talent: World-class brewers. Artists and musicians. Surfers, skateboarders, and snowboarders… All coming together with passion and commitment to express our collective true love –– handcrafted beer. 

We asked Max Wettstein  for his top brew from Saint Archer.

I like the brand in general because I like the fact that it involves some of our local surfer and skater community – some of the athletes on board with ST Archer actually live in Encinitas where I live and we frequent some of the same locales and surf breaks, and skateparks. It falls under the Craft and microbrew niche which is very popular right now, and typically means the beer is made with higher quality ingredients and just tastes better.  I have been drinking their blonde ale mostly.  It is not too hoppy and is light and refreshing yet still packs just the right amount of alcohol content so that 2 will give the perfect, happy buzz:)