I just came back from a week in Manhattan and found some stellar joints. Everything from BBQ to Brew to Cocktails to Coffee.

Best Overall: The Jeffery on 60th near 2nd Ave. The best of Craft Everything. The right side is all Dapper Brew and Dapper Eats. The left side introduces you to Jacob known as the ‘bearded alchemist’ who will create an amazing cocktail just for you. You can even get a craft coffee.

Best Coffee: Birch on E 27th near Madison Ave. This is a smaller busy coffee joint with coffee and excellent food.

Best BBQ combo with Booze & Brews: Blue Smoke on E 27th near Park Ave. Try the ribs which are as good as Texas. Then, try the Blue Smoke Single Barrel Bourbon which is smooth. Then, try the Blue Smoke Original Ale Brew which is a great compliment to the BBQ.

Best Hidden Dapper: The Tippler under the Chelsea Market on W 15th (look for the open sign around the side). It’s a stylish joint for craft cocktails and Dapper Bites.

Best Beer Cafe: Belgium Beer Cafe on 5th Avenue at 26th St. It’s a full menu of goodness plus unique Belgium brews served in unique glassware.