Dapper is a style of life. It’s the threads you wear and the drinks you order. Dapper is trending.

A Dapper Guy doesn’t wear jeans and a ball cap to go to the bar and order a Jack & Coke. The Dapper Guy knows that clothes that details matter. He knows that craft cocktails are a solid way to enjoy an evening because the local craftsmanship matters.

Stuart HumphriesEverywhere from Houston to Las Vegas to Green Bay you can find a craft cocktail establishment and be entertained by a mixologist. Those craftsman are dressing the dapper part like our friend Stuart Humphries at Anvil Bar & Refuge in Houston. The venue has a rustic industrial style and the staff has a dapper classic look. Stuart even crafted his own tie clip from a teaspoon which is an idea we are going to borrow.

Don’t be intimidated by craft cocktails because you don’t know the ingredients. Ask your mixologist for a recommendation based on your favorite type of liquor. They are glad to help and will even share their knowledge if you take the time to listen. Anvil has 100 creations on the menu and your mixologist like Stuart can help you select the perfect libation for you. A crafted cocktail has layers of flavor but always highlights the liquor.

dapper anvil bar houstonDon’t be intimidated by dapper style because you don’t know what to buy. Follow TheDapperStyle.com as we help you learn how to build your personal style.

Give us a shout with any questions you have. Let us know your best dapper cocktail establishments across the country and share a pic #DapperDrinksCheers.

 Photos by Tiemwork Photography Houston.