Our Dapper Guys did Sunday Funday in shades of gray. Yes, in the South it is still warm enough for rooftop day drinking. Nick, Justin and Dustin were joined by Leanne.

Nick (left): dark wash jeans with a navy stretch button front shirt layered with a gray hooded sweater jacket. All solid style for a muscular personal trainer. All from Banana Republic.

Justin (center): chocolate chinos and blue gingham shirt from Combatant Gentlemen layered with a gray sweater jacket from Banana Republic.

Dustin (right): moss green shirt with gray jeans from Combatant Gentlemen with a sweater knit tie from our style closet.

houston sunday funday

Nick Rodriguez, Justin Stone, Leanne George & Dustin Dubec

cook and collins houston sunday fun day

Nick Rodriguez, Leanne George, Dustin Dubec & Justin Stone

nick rodriguez and justin stone menswear

Justin Stone (left) and Nick Rodriguez (right)