As we settle in for the holiday, we wondered what is the best way to spike the eggnog. It is actually National Eggnog Day! The classic 3 choices could be: Brandy, Rum or Whiskey. What’s your annual tradition?

korbel vsBrandy: since this isn’t usually on our liquor list, we used the suggestion from About Food for Korbel VS which was good. This is actually the most popular spike for the nog.

Appleton_Estate_VX_rumRum: this has been a classic for us but this year we used Appleton Estate Rum. This is an excellent choice for a classic holiday combo.

Whiskey: this traditionally can be a tough match for the sweet eggnog. However, we tried TX Blended Whiskey which has a sweeter blend. This is our top pick for this year. The tough part for many of you is that it’s only available in Texas. Hopefully you have a friend or relative down here that can get you a bottle.



TX Blended Whiskey