wiseacre brewWiseacre is a small brewery in the heart of Memphis, TN. The owners were born and raised in Memphis and eventually took of on their beer journey in 1999. David and Kellan have studied in German brew academies and also graduate top of their class from World Brewing Academy. Have a multitude of honors and awards for brewing high class beers with a unique taste.

wiseacre breweryThe Anada that I tried recently was really good. From my understanding it is an India Pale Ale. It is dry hopped which helps to enhance the flavor, when visiting it is a definite must to try. The Gotta Get Up to Get Down is also one of my favorites. It is a beer that actually tastes like coffee, which I personally love, and has a delicious after taste. FInally, the Tiny Bomb: American Pilsner is another that I would suggest if you were to stop in. It has a honey taste to it. Loved this one also.