sean coyle floridaWe have worked with the menswear style guy Sean Coyle a few times before. He is a solid guy and is always the man behinds the trends for guys. To prove his cool, he has had design work patented by the United States for Harley-Davidson Motor Clothes. He designed the apparel and accessories for Harley-Davidson’s 100th Anniversary


The Dapper Style: When and where did you get the passion for menswear and style?

Sean Coyle: The high school that I attended was an all boy’s school connected to an all girls school. We had to wear trousers, shirt and tie. There was an unspoken competition on who had the coolest style and the best gear.

It was there that I got my start by altering my clothes and shoes. Girls and guys started asking if I would do something unique for them. I would charge to add two-tone to shoes, add drawstrings in the hem of pants. I made custom skate boards with airbrushed palm tree scenes and matching airbrushed boat shoes with the same scene.

My early professional career was more eclectic. Designing men’s, women, and children’s clothes for Reebok, Umbro, Champion, and Harley-Davidson. It wasn’t until I went to Eddie Bauer that I began working in men’s wear exclusively.

I love drawing and making things, I still do, creating and executing is my passion…

The Dapper Style: Where do you live and work right now?
Sean Coyle: I have moved all over the country to design for some pretty great companies. From Philly to New York, The Carolinas to Boston, Milwaukee to Seattle, Dallas to Florida, you could say I’m touring the country. I am now currently living and working in the Miami / Ft. Lauderdale area of Florida.
I guess I still want those palm trees in my life…

seancoyle1The Dapper Style: When you order a cocktail right now, what is it?
Sean Coyle: My current favorite is Knob Creek Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey on the rocks with a splash of Diet Coke. It has a great deep flavor, it is small batch and 100 proof so it packs a punch!

My stand by favorite is Grey Goose with Angostura aromatic bitters and a splash of Diet Coke on the rocks. I vacillate between the two, mood depending.

The Dapper Style: What is a current realistic trend in men’s style?
Sean Coyle: Well if by realistic you mean mass market, I would say adopting a sport coat is always a class act. It is one item that graduates your look from boy to man.

Everybody looks better in a good sport coat. You can play it simple and solid or go bold with a trend color or a nice pattern. Today there are so many great options with unconstructed and half lined working for all weather conditions.

I keep one handy wherever I go. It is much better to be the only man wearing a sport coat at a gathering than the only one not wearing one.

The Dapper Style: What is an upcoming trend for summer?
Sean Coyle: White is a no brainer. The return of comfortable broken in washed out jeans is another. My personal favorite is to add a pop of caramel leather in your accessories.

The Dapper Style: What is something a guy can wear that is manly but will impress?
Sean Coyle: A smile is best, but a nice pocket square shows a bit of confidence and bravery. Now most men’s shops will have a few that are interesting. I like this accessory because the way you wear it says a lot about you or your mood.

It can be puffy and nonchalant, particular and pointed, firm and square, complicated and cornered, cotton, silk, or wool…any style can adopt it, from modern to conservative.

The Dapper Style: What is your personal clothing style?
Sean Coyle: I’m still in a neo traditional mode of dressing. I love classics with a twist. Pieces that I know I am still going to love even when tastes change. You add them to your wardrobe like building blocks.

Thanks Sean, we look forward to seeing more style in your future.