Max Wettstein is a top fitness model who has appeared on over 20 fitness magazine covers, appeared in many infomercials and worked with many fitness brands. He is also a Jet Blue pilot. He is a surfer and a dad with a great outlook on life. We had the chance to talk with Max during a recent visit.

The Dapper Style: You have been on the cover of over 20 fitness magazines like Men’s Health. What has been the best part of being in the fitness spotlight?

Captain Max in A320 Flight DeckMax: It kind of validated me as a fitness professional and gave me credibility, both as a legitimate model and as Trainer & fitness author. It gave me a following and a fan base to have access to, and gained a lot of exposure for my portfolio and other areas of work. When folks see you on the covers of Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness, and on national fitness infomercials, they thing you must know a thing or two about fitness and health.

The Dapper Style: Where do you live and work right now?

Max: I live in Encinitas, CA which is North County coastal San Diego. It’s a surfer’s and skateboarder’s paradise. A lot of triathletes live and train here too. My other career is as an airline Captain for JetBlue Airways and for that I am based out of Long Beach, CA, which is in L.A. County. As far as modeling goes, I have agencies in San Diego, and L.A. and they book me globally, but a lot of the industry takes place right up the road in L.A., so I can simply drive up north to LA.

The Dapper Style: When you order a cocktail right now, what is it?

male model Max WettsteinMax: I generally order a craft beer, the more locally brewed and authentic the better. Everybody is so I.P.A. happy right now, but for me sometimes IPAs are a little too hoppy. I like a Pale Ale, Amber, or Blonde better. Around Encinitas, I often drink ST Archer, Stone, New Belgium, and Lagunitas. Did you know that beer is fat-free, low in sugar, and full of anti-oxidants?! At home over dinner with my wife I will usually switch to wine, and it’s usually Pinot Grigio. Lately red wines have been inflaming my sinuses a bit, and I noticed white wines do not do that. I’m a big believer in 1 or 2 drinks a day as part of my holistic health lifestyle pan!

The Dapper Style: What is your personal clothing is your style?

Max: My fashion “style” is function. I am perhaps the world’s most boring dresser. I tend to always be in a hurry and am always on my way to or from a workout. I spend my hard earned money on performance apparel and sports’ gear. At home it is typically board-shorts and flip-flops. If I’m going out to party it will be jeans and a collared shirt or a V-neck T-shirt with either flip-flops or skate shoes – hey, this is SoCal! For work I wear my pilot uniform of course. All my stylish portfolio shots are tear-sheets from paid modeling jobs and are the client’s clothing and styling so I can’t take any credit. I tend to make fun of hipsters and other folks who look like they’re trying too hard to be hip or trendy. For me, clothing has to be comfortable and high-functioning first and foremost. I like natural fibers like cotton and wool especially. Merino wool a lot lately.

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