Max Wettstein is a top fitness model who has appeared on over 20 fitness magazine covers, appeared in many infomercials and worked with many fitness brands. He is also a Jet Blue pilot. He is a surfer and a dad with a great outlook on life. This is the 2nd part of our talk with Max.

The Dapper Style: What has been the biggest challenge about being in the fitness industry?

Max Germany 2008 coverMax: Some of the challenges are, in the fitness modeling industry you work really hard for very little pay, both on your physique during shoot-prep, and many times while shooting – it is very physical much of the time in front of the camera. It takes way more effort to prepare for a fitness shoot than say an apparel shoot, obviously because it matters what your physique looks like a lot more and not just your face. The irony is on average, clothing/apparel clients pay about 3 times as much as fitness-modeling clients do. You might shoot all day, very physically demanding exercise editorial plus a cover-try for a typical fitness magazine and only make $200, where the minimum day rate for clothing, apparel is never less $1000. Lastly, with aging the fitness-modeling becomes continually more challenging, as one has to work even that much harder to maintain a top notch physique. I’m 45 years old now, competing against guys 15 years my younger! Man if I only had their baseline hormone levels again, haha! Eventually it runs it’s course so you better have plan B, and a more well-rounded, commercial portfolio ready to go when it does!

The Dapper Style: Do you always eat perfect?

Max: I eat far from perfect!, and have always been able to and even relied upon being able to make up for all my diet shortfalls and over-indulgences with workouts and exercises. I’m fit enough and healthy enough to be able to do that and I also enjoy working out quite a bit, so it’s easy for me to compensate with more exercise. I also use a lot of high-quality, trustworthy supplements to help make up for my diet shortcomings and all the traveling I do where fresh or home-cooked food is not avail. But in general I strive to eat simply ‘clean’ and more organic and less refined, however I never count calories or eliminate any food groups. I have no food allergies and have never been into trendy, bandwagon diets. After so many years of dialing in my physique and training like an athlete I have a very high awareness and intuition of how much to eat and what to eat when. I don’t even have to think about it – I just always know what the best food choice is for my body at any given moment with whatever happens to be available. When I’m flying a lot and more sedentary, I will cut out some carbs. At home when I’m very active or on a physical shoot, I can eat all the carbs I want.

Reps cover May 2013The Dapper Style: What is the one best habit for a guy to stay in better shape?

Max: Do some sort of exercising every day. Any amount of activity is better than nothing. Consistent exercise is also a key factor in longevity studies. The higher the intensity you can go, the better. Where a heart rate monitor if you need too! Eat more fresh vegetables. Drink water with meals and NEVER drink soda!

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Please note these are the opinions of Max Wettstein who is a fitness professional; however, these statements should not be considered medical advice.


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