you suck at drinking book coverThis is the last in a week long series about the drinking life from Matthew Latkiewicz, author of You Suck at Drinking, an advice and humor book about the drinking life out now from Running Press.

There aren’t many hard liquors a person needs multiple variations of in their life. I have two different kinds of gin right now, but that is because I bought a new bottle before finishing the old one. Whiskey is different. Not only are there many very distinct types of whiskey—Bourbon, Rye, Irish, Scotch, Canadian, not to mention all the experimentation going on right now in craft and micro-distilleries—the drinking life requires different whiskey for different situations. It’s important you have go-to whiskeys in each category.
Drink it neat whiskey
Also called your house whiskey, this is the one you put in a decanter in whatever room you spend the most time in. It should be that readily available. You should obviously like the taste of it, but it’s price tag shouldn’t break the bank. Mine is Four Roses Yellow Label. It is affordable, looks cool on the bar, and tastes like America.
IMG_3215Cocktail whiskey
Often the same as your house whiskey, unless you buy expensive house whiskey. The point is that this should also be affordable. You shouldn’t feel bad when a group of friends come over and you go through a whole bottle making old-fashioneds for them. This is also where having a Rye whiskey option is important as a lot of great cocktails call for Rye specifically. I go Four Roses Yellow Label for my cocktail bourbon and Rittenhouse for the Rye option.
Oh, and this only goes for at-home obviously. When out, I usually let the bartender choose my whiskey when I order a cocktail.
Drink it with a beer whiskey
This is your whiskey choice for a shot and a beer. What’s important here is that it can be found in pretty much any bar. You don’t want to get super-attached to something only a few places carry. I go for Wild Turkey 101 (the beer makes it burn less), with Jim Beam as a backup.
Ymatthew latkiewiczour fancy friend is over whiskey
Could also be called special occasion whiskey. Nothing hard here: just buy what you think tastes best within the price you can afford. This is the place also to experiment. Make it a practice to try something new when buying something in the upper part of your price range.
Give your dad/uncle/father-figure a present whiskey
Just make sure the bottle looks good and gives the impressions that his lessons really made an impact. For my dad and me, that’s old looking Scotch.

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