I had the opportunity to talk with NFL and TV celebrity Coy Wire. Coy is an American sports broadcaster and journalist. Wire is currently a contributing correspondent at CNN and sports anchor for HLN’s Weekend Express. He is a motivating guy with an excellent outlook on life. I really like his comments on style. ~Alan Rust

coy wireAlan: Where do you live and work right now?
Coy: I’m in Atlanta on the air for CNN and HLN.

Alan: What is your favorite place to visit?
Coy: Usually the last place we went. Lately that was Prague, Vienna and Budapest. Prague is a majestic wonderland. Our next trip is Germany and Switzerland. I am a big Game of Thrones fan so getting to see Croatia and the history there was great.

Alan: What do you like best about being a TV sports guy?
Coy: The fancy things are awesome but I always remember a line in The Great Gatsby that all the bright and shiny things fade and never come back. So, I am most thankful for the simple things… family, friends, food.

Alan: You were on the Board for the Make A Wish Foundation. Why was that important to you?
Coy: None of us have achieved anything on our own. We are a result of people we have met and experiences had. We should always pass on. I am blessed with a wife, friends and even strangers that have impacted my life. One of my favorite books is Celestine Prophecy which tells us that there is a lesson in every moment.

Alan: When you order a cocktail right now, what is it?
Coy: I’m a bourbon on the rocks guy.

coy wire on setAlan: You definitely have a great sense of style. Do you style yourself on screen and off?
Coy: Yes I create my own style. I am a Scorpio and fashion is part of them. Even back when I 7, I wanted every color of Vans so I had style. I enjoy fashion and think it is an external expresion of who we are. Style shows respect and that we care about others and situations. It shows how you feel about the space your are in and the others you share the space with.  Style can represent your emotion. Some days are simple and clean and other days you want to show you’re having fun.

Thanks to Coy for taking the time away from the set to talk with me. Catch this Dapper Guy on CNN and HLN.