When we talked with celeb Chef Jordan Andino, Alan Rust asked him about a dapper entree that will impress but not be too difficult to make. He gave us one for having friend over and another for date night.

chef jordan andinoJordan:

If you are cooking for friends then you can cook cheap and well. The easiest to make is a Filipino chicken stew: Chicken Adobo. It’s culturally safe so everyone will like it. There are only 5 ingredients: rice, chicken, garlic, pepper, Sriracha, honey, rice vinegar. You can set and forget for 30 minutes.

He gave a great tip: a good way to serve rice is to order from a Chinese take out for like $1.50. It’s easy and you know it will be perfect.

If you’re cooking for a date start with a good quality cut of steak. Simply season both sides with lemon pepper and garlic salt. Melt a tab of  butter and oil in pan. Then, sear both sides and let it rest. You will impress yourself and your date.

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