acbw15_featureIt is #ACBW 2015; American Craft Beer Week. It’s sponsored by to celebrate the small independent brewery. However, the landscape of the ‘craft brewery’ market is changing. The successful craft brews are being bought by the super-sized breweries who have been losing market share during the upswing of independent brews. For example, Goose Island Brewery, who we have been fans of, is now owned by Budweiser. This is unfortunate since they might lose their creativity. It can be fortunate because they can now distribute to a larger audience. Distribution is one of the biggest challenges that a small brewery faces.

Find a true local independent brewery and celebrate this weekend.

ABCW2015Use the Untappd app to find and check in your brew. A new badge is available this year.

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arrive in style! The Dapper Style reminds you to celebrate responsibly.