danny catulloThere is a reason that Dad’s Day happens during the summer: it’s grilling season! We found a local old fashioned butcher shop that delivers anywhere in the US. Catullo Prime Meats is now where the old meets the new.

Order the Father’s Day Gift Box for only $100 and have it in time for Dad’s Day cookout.

Danny Catullo is the 2nd gen butcher that brings the quality prime meats to America. “What we are is a family business that, throughout the years has never lost sight of it’s one true goal: to provide you, the customer, with local, all-natural Prime beef, poultry, pork, and the highest level of customer service through our friendly knowledgeable staff.”

We asked Danny for some quick advice on how to best prepare a steak at home.

A great cut of steak is like a beautiful woman. They only need a simple black dress. The steak’s black dress, however, is good kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper. Use a touch of olive oil beforehand and you got the makings of all you need to enhance the eating experience. When cooking the steak on charcoal or propane; make sure to sear both sides of the steak for 2-3 minutes on high heat (around 450-500) to lock in your juices. Then move the steak to medium high (around 350-375) to finish. Internal temp should be 140 before pulling your steak and letting it rest 10-15 minutes. Remember- that’s the time your steak needs to finish marinating itself with the juices you helped create.

Order the Father’s Day Gift Box for only $100. Follow Danny Catullo on twitter @CatulloMeats & instagram @CatulloPrimeMeats

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