Our Dapper Dad gift recommend is shipped to you by the innovative butcher, Danny Catullo. He has expanded his family butcher shop, Catullo Prime Meats, to a national level through eCommerce. We talked to Danny about his family, the shop and epic burgers. Get his advice on how to prep an impressive steak.

catullo 3 generationsQ: You took a family butcher shop and used the internet to grow it during “a food revolution.” What is the biggest advantage and the biggest challenge in doing that?

 It really has been a food revolution! To be able to take a generational look at how the industry has changed (we started in 1962), it’s been amazing to how much more information customers have before they make a purchase. The advantage to having all these cooking shows, online recipes, etc. has been the introduction of new “foodie” customers to a high end market. The challenge is that is a bunch of misinformation floating out there and with the larger customer base comes more competition. Costco is now even carrying USDA Prime beef!

 Q: You are also a dad to 2 great kids. How do you balance business and family?

 Like every great business owner, I need a bunch of help. Being away from them during holidays and weekends is always going to be tough, but my wife makes it easier for the boys to understand while taking on the bulk of the parenting workload. It’s often tough to try to shut off the stress and challenges of the work day when it’s your life. I’ve learned to try to embrace it and instead of being alone with the problem, have my family give me their perspective. Listening to my 8 year give his website ideas are not just inspiring but it provides just enough comic relief.

IMG_5314Q: There is a burger revolution in America, you can find a ‘craft’ burger at almost every restaurant. What’s the key to creating your own top shelf burger?

 With a burger, the proof is always in the pudding. The extra ingredients such as sauces, condiments and spices can enhance a boring or poor choice of blend. To me, a fresh bun/bread and the meat getting used for the grind are the most important parts. I love using what would normally be “off cuts” of extremely quality beef to make great combinations than use ground steak from a choice quality beef. Why waste the steak into a burger when you can use the porterhouse tail, brisket ends and short rib trimmings to make juicy burger so bold and buttery, you dream about it the next day!

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