Texas Personal Trainer Parker Purvis motivates us all to…

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Do something EVERYDAY. Doesn’t have to be anything crazy. Something to get your hear rate up. Don’t over complicate the process. Keep it simple and stick to what you’re doing correctly everyday. Working out and eating right everyday has to become a habit. It starts by you making a decision with a strong mind to do it and getting out of your comfort zone to keep doing it.

Write down your goals and work on that every single day. The little things matter, and those small steps add up. Find a trainer, coach, or just an accountability partner with the same/similar goals. You are the same as the 5 people you’re around the most.
It comes down to hard work and consistency. You have to train your mind to that lifestyle. It’s not easy. You can’t tell me you’ve ever heard someone tell you “Oh sweet. You’ll breeze right through that, for sure” after maybe telling them what you really want to do with your life.
You have to do it right NOW. You must get out of your comfort zone and sacrifice your pleasures. You have to WANT it. If you really want it and will do anything to get it, it will happen. Dig deep, grab your nuts, and DON’T STOP until you’re where you want to be. Get better every single day.
“If you do tomorrow what you did today, you will get tomorrow what you got today” — Benjamin Franklin
Each of you should consult your physician before beginning any exercise or lifestyle change.