architecture of the shot book coverWe found something you definitely want to add to your holiday gift list: Architecture of the Shot. It is impressive because of the design, illustrations plus it has 75 shot recipes. Author Paul Knor and Illustrator Melissa Wood bring you the blueprints to create perfect shots for your holiday party.

We had the chance to ask them about the book and their holiday suggestions.

The Dapper Style: Shots may be thought of only for crazy young people. What is a dapper sophisticated shot?

Paul Knor: To me a “sophisticated shot” would be a shot that exudes all the confidence and savvy of a classic cocktail.  It would have a grown up (as opposed to “adult”) name and require a skilled bartender to produce.  An example of this is the After Five, which is a layered shot of equal parts Irish cream, coffee liqueur and peppermint schnapps.  The layering of the liqueurs will require a steady and patient hand and speaking the name out loud when ordering doesn’t cause one to blush.  Of course the taste of the drink is the important thing and the After Five comes through in this regard as well with chocolate, coffee and peppermint all blending together.  A perfect drink that could replace a port or brandy after finishing a fine meal.

The Dapper Style: Is there an appropriate shot for a holiday family situation?

Melissa Wood:  This year our family will settle by the crackling fire, board game nearby, with a tray sparkling with stemmed shots of “After Fives”. The blend of Coffee, Irish Cream Liqueur and Peppermint Schnapps are sure to curl our toes, warm our souls and toast the new year.

Paul Knor: A holiday shot should be fun and appropriate to the holiday but ultimately it will depend on the guests and the setting.   A more relaxed get together can call for more relaxed shots.  For example, a “friends Thanksgiving” (where my friends and I get together the weekend before the big family meal) might feature Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie shots as well as straight Wild Turkey.  At a more formal Christmas cocktail party I may want to pass around a tray of nicely layered Candy Cane shots with peppermint candy garnishing the rims of the glasses and the tray itself garnished with holly or mistletoe.

The Dapper Style: What is a dapper shot to share on a first date?

Paul Knor: A first date is an evening that can go many ways so the choice of shot will depend on the progression of the evening.  My fiancée and I toasted our engagement with shots of Jägermeister.  We’re divorced now.  If the date went well and you’re in a causal setting, ordering a pair of fun shots like the Woo Woo or Kamikaze can be a happy ending to a great night.  In a more formal setting shots of a liqueur such as Irish cream or Cuarenta Y Tres are a classy way to finish a meal.

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