whiskey tasting partyGather the group to taste a variety of whiskey or bourbon. There are a lot of tastes to explore so we have the info on how to host your tasting party.

Bottles: the suggestion is to try only 4 – 6 varieties no matter how large of a group you have. Guests can enjoy and not consume too much. The spirits can be arranged by small batch, single barrel, and craft. You could also organize them by region instead. Talk to a knowledgeable person at a respected local liquor store to make your selections.

Glasses: the traditional tasting glass, called a Glencairn, is shown. You can find them at Amazon or Crate & whisky-taster-glassBarrel. You could also use a mini cognac snifter. You want the aroma to concentrate at the top of the glass.

Jigger: keep the tasting pours to 1.5 oz.

Garnishes: Lemon, Orange, and Lime: Most people will probably drink the tastings neat but it’s nice to have options especially if the bourbon tasting has an after party.

Water: set up some glass bottles or pitchers of water with glasses available. Guests should remain hydrated.

Food: nibble some Dapper Eats between tastings. Good pairings are nuts, dark chocolate or dried fruit like apricots.

Notes: stop at an office store to get some cool notebooks and short golf pencils. You could also use chalkboards to let your guests gather their comments for the spirits they try.

Playlist: we suggest the Hipster Cocktail Party on Pandora for the best vibe.

After tasting: have some recipes and ingredients ready to go. After the tasting is done, everyone can create their own cocktail with the spirit they liked best.

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