Our Dapper Guy William Blanchette is ready for New Year’s Eve in style. We created a few different styles that are dapper easy. You will definitely look better than the rest. All of these styles are from H&M.

Casual: You can wear a dark wash jean with a crisp white button down shirt. Add the vest to layer on a detail. You can wear it with or without a tie.Shoes Matter so we recommend a dressy shoe like the black wingtip.

Step up Casual: You can layer up the style we just created with a dinner jacket. It’s a jacket with a tuxedo style detail on the placket. If you look close, this is a navy jacket with black ‘satin’ detail on the placket collar.

Formal: You can switch out the jeans for a slim fit dress pant. Also, swap the tie for a bow tie. You are now full on formal party. But, it’s not a full tuxedo because the jacket isn’t an exact match to the pants.

Celebrate safely! Let BeMyDD be your designated driver.