the beer bible coverWe had the chance to review the book that tells us nearly everything we need to know about beer: The Beer Bible. It gives you the history, how to be a beer tourist and how to say cheers around the world. It goes in depth on the 4 beer families: ales, lagers, wheat beers and tart wild ales. There are many infographics to give you essential beer knowledge, the brewing process, glassware types and more.

The Beer Bible celebrates the pleasure of discovery, for readers new to beer, and the pleasure of connoisseurship, for old hands ever eager for more information. It’s a book built on the premise that the best way to learn about beer isn’t by trying every one out there, but instead pouring your favorite and studying it. That’s what opens the doorway to history, culture, and craft, the influences that make each style of beer unique.

Beer is the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage around the world. On some level, it is brewed in almost every country and has been for centuries. The author Jeff Alworth has been writing about beer for over 15 years from a his place in Portland.

This is definitely a great Father’s Day or gift idea for any guy you know.