The crisp flavor of ginger beer is a solid addition to your fall cocktail lineup. We have these suggestions to try this season.

dark, stormy and cider cocktail

dark, stormy and cidery

Dark, Stormy, & Cidery

Glassware: Collins

‧      2 oz. dark rum, preferably Goslings

‧      1?2 oz. fresh lime juice

‧      1 oz. chilled apple cider

‧      3 oz. chilled Q Ginger Beer

‧      1 apple slice

‧      1 lime wedge

harvest smoke cocktail

harvest smoke

Harvest & Smoke

Glassware: Collins 

‧      1oz. Del Maguey San Luis Del Rio Organic Mescal

‧      1oz. Ancho Reyes Liqueur

‧      6 oz. Q Ginger Beer

‧      Slice of blood orange

Flatbush Mule

‧    2 oz. Industry City Vodka

Flatbush mule cocktail

Flatbush mule

‧     1 oz. JFB Sorel Liquor

‧     6 oz. Q Ginger Beer

‧     Orange Wedge or twist

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