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Josh Suchan of Ice and Alchemy

A rising star in the cocktail industry is Josh Suchan owner of Ice and Alchemy. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2015 he has established and led two unique programs, receiving attention both locally and nationally. The design process, understanding beauty, harmony, and working within contextual parameters are just a few of the immediate relationships he draws between architecture and craft bartending. These principles fuel his inspiration for the bar programs that he designs.

The Dapper Style: What is an upcoming trend in cocktails?

Josh: Upcoming trends in cocktails that I hope to see, and that I am currently exploring, is elevated presentation while still maintaining sensibility. For me, when I put hours of thought into a concept recipe I want to display it in a vessel that fits that concept. I think unique serving vessels should be an extension of the cocktail whenever possible so that the drink becomes more than simply liquid in a glass.

The Dapper Style: What is your go to cocktail?

Josh: My go-to cocktail is usually a Martinez using barrel aged Old Tom gin.

The Dapper Style: What is a spirit that people should learn more about?

Josh: Pisco is a definitely a spirit that more people should know about, particularly Peruvian Pisco. I know I’m going to piss off a lot of Chileans out there, but I just haven’t found a Chilean Pisco that I’m in love with. Everything from the quality of the grapes to having one of the most precise production methods of any spirit make Peruvian Pisco a must-try for anyone. It may be made from eight different grapes, each yielding their own characteristics so that there is a great spectrum of flavor. I could go on and on about this fantastic spirit… For those who want to experiment with it at home sometime, try whipping up a simple Chilcano (Pisco and ginger beer) or a classic Pisco Sour.

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Josh Suchan

The Dapper Style: What is a past cocktail trend that should be retired?

Josh: A cocktail trend that I think should be retired is the use of the word “skinny” to describe drink preparation. This is nonsense.

The Dapper Style: What is your personal clothing style?

Josh: Living near the beach in Los Angeles, my clothing style is mostly casual. I find myself in shorts, jeans, tank tops, and t-shirts most often. I also have a lot of one-of-a-kind designer pieces that were gifted to me from a friend of mine who worked in fashion. When it’s time to dress up, I’ll bust those out. Usually it’ll consist of dark jeans, designer tee, and leather jacket with some one-off Armani shoes or Chucks.

Thanks to Josh for taking the time to talk with us. Visit his site at Ice and Alchemy.

josh suchan of ice and alchemy