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J.J. Michaels

We found a young man with a charitable outlook on life, John Jamieson Michaels Jr. who is currently a male model. The quote in his email signature is: “I strive to reach my potential, knowing full well I never will; only because my potential is limitless.” We had a chance to talk with J.J. to give you some insight on this small town guy now traveling the world.

The Dapper Style: Where are you from and where are you now?

JJ: I’m from a small town called Thomasville in South Georgia & I currently live in Los Angeles, CA

The Dapper Style: What is the favorite place you have ever visited? 

JJ: My favorite place to visit has been Shanghai, China thus far as it is so uniquely different & I have great friends there!

The Dapper Style: What keeps you motivated? 

JJ: What keeps me motivated is having something outside of myself to succeed for. Being able to abundantly provide for my loved ones, especially my Mema (mom’s mom) is a huge factor. Having a massive platform to inspire the world is also what motivates me every day!

J.J. Michaels dapper styleThe Dapper Style: What is your personal clothing style? 

JJ: My personal clothing style is currently very simple & minimalist. I do like to get super dapper on occasion though at this point, I don’t like to spend much on clothes as I’d rather have money to give to others & to fund my vision! I’ll have nice things later

The Dapper Style: What’s your favorite adult beverage, if any? 

JJ: I’m not a big drinker, but I like organic or biodynamic dry red wine when I do!

The Dapper Style: What do you do to keep in great shape? 

JJ: To keep in shape I like to mix it up! I enjoy yoga, boxing, lifting, calisthenics, & playing like a kid outside!

Follow J.J. Michaels on his site johnjamiesonmichaels.comYouTube channel or on Instagram @J.J.Michaels.