holiday-dining-au-courant-omahaWhen you are headed out for a restaurant experience you should find a place like Au Courant Regional Kitchen in Omaha. We talked with Chef Ben Maides about the experience he and owner Carlos Mendez have created for their guests.

When you first arrive you feel comfortable with the timeless design and eclectic feel of the tables surrounding the large classic bar in the center of the venue. The team at Au Courant was to make the dining experience approachable and affordable. They will keep the menu current since that is the meaning of their name. Chef Ben wants you to try something new every time you visit. Their menu gives you options that are very creative, very tasty and very affordable. You and your friends don’t have to go into debt to try something unique.

The bar staff, including Justin Fletcher, creates a craft cocktail menu that is inspired by the classics. They also present an inspiring wine selection that they offer at a realistic price so you can also experience a new wine with your meal.

The entire team does their research to bring current cuisine to their guests. As a diner, you should be aware of and can always ask where the food comes from and how it is prepared.

Find a dining venue near you that brings you the casual experience that gives you the opportunity to try something new and current.