booze and spiritsWhat we drink and how we drink is changing. With that come new trends that have been disruptive, while also providing opportunity for bars and restaurants.

Consumers today want to know more about the history and production methods behind what they drink. And they enjoy experimenting across categories and styles. As a result, they are less brand-loyal than ever before. Drinkers tried a little of everything last year, causing alcohol trends to cross multiple categories.

We love Bourbon, and are now drinking rye and Scotch. Whether as sippers or in cocktails, this new and growing appreciation for brown spirits has helped jumpstart America’s whiskey revival. The trend right now in American whiskey hails from Ireland. Part of this owes to Irish Whiskey being sweeter and smoother than most other whiskeys. It’s a natural ingredient for craft cocktails. (Also read Whiskey Trends)

It’s been said that all whiskey drinkers are tequila drinkers, they just don’t know it yet. Well, more consumers seem to realize it now. Premium tequila is making a play for more shelf space. Image-conscious brands like Patrón and Casamigos have helped change consumer attitudes toward the Mexican spirit. (Also read The Craft of Tequila)

Both cider and hard soda have specific advantages with consumers. These spiked soda options continue to increase with more options that offer lower ABV. Hard cider still leads the category.

Today’s consumers love to learn. They want to know more about the background of what they’re drinking: the history, how it’s made, where it’s from and the people behind it. The public actively expands their knowledge about the industry overall. This is why tourism has exploded at breweries, wineries and distilleries.

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