If you are a cocktail follower, like we are, then you should have these in your Instagram feed. Let me know your top feeds @TheDapperStyle #DapperDrinks. Brady Hess


Apartment Bartender by Elliot Clark a self proclaimed decent home bartender

Home Bartendr by Beth and Scott Cullen to help people who are seeking to improve their skills

Tuxedo Number Two that links to their site with a solid list of recipes

The Drink Blog by Morgan and Alice with great visual style linked to recipes and info

Cocktail Enthusiast who might post your drink images if you tag them

Cocktail Aficionado presenting classic and craft cocktails

brady hess bartender

Brady Hess


Employees Only in NYC

Death & Co in NYC

Anvil Bar & Refuge in Houston

Trick Dog Bar in San Francisco

Carousel Bar in New Orleans

Worlds Best Bars