jorge herrera dallas bartenderJorge Herrera is a top shelf bartender in Dallas working at the Standard Pour. We asked him to share an original cocktail with our readers. This is definitely a step up from your normal cocktail but that is what makes the craft cocktail world interesting.

Dapper Pointer: when you find a knowledgeable bartender like Jorge, visit them at their venue earlier in the evening or on a slower evening. This will give you time to ask more questions to learn more. They also have time to make you off menu creations that will expand your cocktail horizons.

cocktail by jorge herreraNew Beginnings
1.5 oz. Bombay Sapphire Gin
.75 oz. yuzu juice
.75 oz. dragon eye syrup (dragon eye is in the same family as lychee)
Lavender cream floated on top
* nick and nora glass/gold rim
* garnish- a dried lavender flower attached to stem with a clothespin