erik and amanda bortzfieldOur Dapper Dad for this year is a busy father of twins: Erik Bortzfield. He lives along the North Shore of Long Island, NY. He is Director of Marketing & Business Development at KWI. KWI is the market leader for Point of Sale & Merchandising Solutions for speciality retailers.

The biggest news for Erik and his wife Amanda is that they are new parents to beautiful twin girls, Addison and Ava. Erik said, “I am beyond blessed to have these girls enter my life. I never once imagined having twins, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Watching them grow & change everyday has been the most special experience in my life. Plus…now I have a perfect boat name: ‘Make it a Double'”

While not put pitching new business, you can find Erik paddle boarding in Lloyd Harbor, working on perfecting his yard, grilling everyday and throwing back heavy IPA’s.  He is looking forward to bringing the whole family down to their beach and enjoying every second of this summer.
Happy Father’s Day to Erik Bortzfield!