The meatball is appearing on more menus lately. They vary in size, flavor and content but it is all part of the comfort food trend. They are also popular because of the trend in small sharable plates. The Meatball Shop in NYC started it all with it’s ball centric menu. There are now other meatball venues around the country. We have also seen an increase in ‘meat’balls on appetizer menus as well as entrees.

You can find balls made from protein like beef, pork and chicken. You can also find veggie options made from mushrooms and more. We have seen specialty featured balls made from bratwurst, gyro and other unique options.

We are finding that ball shape food is an increasing trend. You can find hashbrown balls. You can find balls inspired by sandwiches. We have even seen balls created from Asian cuisine.

The Farm posted an article that reveals their thoughts on the ball of tomorrow. The ball shape can be used for a crispy nut ball or a urban farmer’s ball. Read there thoughts here: Tomorrow’s Meatball.

Whether they are on top of pasta, made by hand at home or shared with friends at a food truck; balls are the upcoming street food trend.