It’s time for cupcakes to step aside as doughnuts move to the front of our food obsessions. Bakeries and specialty doughnut shops are presenting some amazing creations. You can find local doughnut creations all day in most cities. Order a basket of mini doughnuts for your brunch appetizer. You can even find doughnuts on the dessert menu at many fine dining restaurants. We even see a new wedding trend of serving doughnuts and creating ‘doughnut walls’ at the reception.

Hurt’s Doughnuts in Lincoln, NE has people driving to Husker city for more than football. Grey Plume in Omaha, NE offers a duck fat doughnut served with housemade ice cream and a side of pork belly. Glazed Doughnut Works in the Deep Ellum of Dallas has people standing in line for their creations. They even have a Doughnut Grilled Cheese with Bacon.

Hoodline published a list of America’s 50 Favorite Doughnut Shops>