We had the chance to talk with a California chef who has also had a modeling career. We want you to meet Anthony Bar.

chef anthony barAlan: Where are you from and where are you now?

Anthony: I’m living in California Los Angeles.  I opened my own restaurant few month ago in Sierra Madre called Faubourg. I am originally from France and moved here 4 years ago

Alan: What inspired you to start cooking?

Anthony: I grew up in the kitchen and around good food. I always loved to eat and thought the best way to enjoy it was to become a chef.  Was so curious about how chef can transform a simple ingredient on amazing dish.  I truly think cooking is an art.

Alan: You have also done some modeling. How did you decide to do that?

Anthony: I started modeling one year after I came to America. It’s a funny story because at that time I was working as a manager in French restaurant and most of my customers were telling me that I should be acting or at least modeling. I got tired of hearing that everyday so one day I just thought why not. So, I went to an agency and they signed me.

Alan: What is your favorite adult beverage?

Anthony: I am big fan of rum; that definitely is my favorite drink. I probably tried every cocktail with rum. I like all of them but I will go for a 15 year aged rum on the rocks with a piece of lime.

Alan: What has been the favorite place you have visited in the world?

Anthony: I don’t really have a favorite place. I used to travel a lot before I came to the USA. Every place always surprise me. I love meeting new people and learning about different cultures. I cannot tell you which is my best.  Everywhere is different and that what I love about travel.

Thank you to Chef Anthony Bar for taking the time to talk with us. You can follow him on Instagram at: @ChefAnthonyBar. You can dine with Chef and try his modern French cuisine at Faubourg.