The new year brings us new trends for our cocktails and spirits. We compiled a list of some of the big trends so you can be the guy in the know.

Culinary Cocktails. Chefs and bartenders are mixing garden and other food ingredients into beverages for a strengthening of the bond between the bar and the kitchen

Locally Produced. Patrons want high quality and they want to know the story behind how they’re made, where the ingredients come from and how they’re manufactured.

Onsite Barrels. You will find pre-mixed drinks are placed into barrels for a few weeks to change the flavor and mellow the mix in the same way wines and distilled spirits are aged.

Rose All Year. It continues to transition from a warm-weather wine to a year-round top seller.

IPA Diversification. The IPA category is segmenting. There are now session IPAs, black IPAs, red IPAs, white IPAs, double IPAs, triple IPA—a style to match nearly any palate.

Young Whiskey. One issue with the growing demand for brown spirits is that new distilleries have been releasing products too soon. Some distilleries, however, have found balance between youth and flavor. The secret is in forward-thinking production techniques.