indoor plant trendThere has been a trend to add more green to interior spaces and it continues to grow this year.  There’s more than aesthetics to this look: plants are believed to be good for health, and help clean the indoor air. So, “living” decor marries well with an even bigger overarching trend – wellness – which designer Rowena Gonzales, founder of Liquid Interiors, sees as something for which homeowners are willing to pay a premium.

On that score, though, plants are luxury interiors’ thrifty cousin. You can shop locally from flower markets, or even harvest from the roadside. Pop into lovely pots to add glam to the greenery, and you have a relatively inexpensive way to decorate, and hopefully clear the air of toxins at the same time.

“Introducing plants into our homes is one of the ways we can easily and practically counteract the negative effects of city living,” says Gonzales. Indoor plants can improve air quality by creating oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide, regulating humidity, and absorbing harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds, she continues. Another benefit of being around plants is that they’re believed to make people more creative and productive; reduce stress; “and give us overall higher levels of well-being”, she says.

Mix it up: layer plants in tall, medium and small sizes, and vary from a single, sculptural statement plant to a cluster arrangement. Odd-numbered groups of three, five or seven work better than even numbers. “Even numbers create symmetry; off numbers create interest,” she explains.

There are new trends within the indoor plant phenomenon.

Flashes of Color: As our thumbs get greener, our desire to branch out also gets stronger, and it’s just not enough to have plain old basic leaves these days.

Patterned Foliage: According to Pinterest, saves for “patterned plants” are up over 500%. So, go beyond green with variegated, striped leaves that add even more movement and life to your space.

Make your Dapper Space greener… add plants.

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