thomas lacaprucia selfieI had the chance to meet Thomas Lacaprucia from the Boston area. He is a busy young man that is all about health and fitness. He is a Genetics Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School, a Clinical Research Director, a EMT and a fitness enthusiast.

Alan: When did you decide on a career in medicine?

Thomas: I have always had a love for science since I was young. During high school while taking my fitness training very seriously I procured an internship personal training at my local gym, from this I got certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. While working as a trainer during high school I realized I wanted to help individuals in a more clinical way rather than solely fitness. When it came to applying to undergraduate universities, I had a firm grasp on my passion to enter medicine to dedicate my efforts to contribute to science and more patient centered care.

Alan: Can you explain, in layman’s terms, what your medical specialty is?

Thomas: I am currently an undergraduate research fellow working on a team studying intragenic transcription. This can be thought of as looking at genes hidden within genes. Our project investigates intragenic transcription and its physiological relevance using budding yeast as a model system. I am specifically investigating the evolutionary conservation of intragenic transcription in distantly related species of yeast. This research is important in better understanding and treating disease states such as cancer.

Alan: What is the most rewarding part of being an EMT?

Thomas: The most rewarding part of being an EMT is being an advocate for each patient. You often have calls in which patients are not only in need of medical attention but further need support and advocacy as a human being going through a difficult time. Being able to have that impact means the world.

Alan: When did you get the passion to be serious about fitness and physique?

Thomas: I found my passion for fitness very early on in life. I started my journey in fitness when I was 14 entering highschool (2011). In January of 2012, I became very serious about my training and have been progressing ever since.

Alan: What is your favorite adult beverage when you aren’t being perfectly disciplined? (cocktail, spirit, beer, wine)

Thomas: Vodka is the way to go, my go to drink is either vodka seltzer or vodka red bull!

Alan: What is your favorite type of food?

Thomas: I have an intense sweet tooth, so when I can I love ice cream! While dieting my favorite is quick oats mixed with chocolate protein powder!

He told me that he originally wanted to be in research. However, at this point, he wants to work to help patients in person and with his research.

Follow him on instagram: @TommyLacaprucia