Couple in hoodies Gym plus Coffee activewearThe active category in menswear continues to grow. We found Gym+Coffee which is a new brand coming to the U.S. from Ireland. Gym+Coffee was founded by three friends with an aim to create an Irish brand and community that represents the growing active lifestyle in Ireland.  They wanted to create a lifestyle that balances being healthy and social.

Their CEO Niall Horgan says, “People are becoming less concerned with nightlife and are now more interested in healthy activities, cafes, communities and brands that encourage this.”

“The collection is available for men and women of all ages and for anyone that is looking to live a healthy and active lifestyle. The brand is going to continue rolling out new apparel items throughout the year.” says Head of Design Karl Swaine – “Our design team have two main criteria when designing upcoming lines. Our fabrics used must be top quality to ensure they can brave the elements while our designs need to be on trend for the fashion focused buyer. This can be seen through our range of hoodies with features such as thumb holes on cuffs delivering optimum warmth and comfort yet remaining simple and stylish, perfect to wear everyday.”