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our story

we will show you that style doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive
we will show you that having style gives you confidence
we will help you create your personal style
we will explain the clothes to add to your closet that are investments
we will show you how to build an entire outfit
we will show you how to add a detail to make you look better
we will only talk about clothes you can find in stores you can find
we will not tell you to buy designer, expensive or crazy clothes

our press
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Eyeopener TV: Party Style >
CW33 News: Create Style >
Guy Style Guide: Top Tumblr Blogs #32 >
2012 Tumblr Editor for #Menswear>

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our categories

Dapper Style:  we show how to build your clothing style
Dapper Pointers:  we give important quick tips on style
Dapper Taste:  we give you tips on food and drink including Dapper Drinks and Dapper Brew
Dapper Space: we show you how to upgrade your living space

our target

we want to talk to guys age 24-45
we focus on guys after college
we don’t discriminate on ethnicity

your inquiries

please email: alan [@]